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Veer-Zaara Movie Details

Directed by Yash Chopra
Produced by Yash Chopra Aditya Chopra
Screenplay by Aditya Chopra
Story by Aditya Chopra
Starring Shah Rukh Khan Rani Mukerji Preity Zinta Manoj Bajpai Atiqa Odho Amitabh Bachchan Hema Malini Boman Irani Kiran Kher
Narrated by Yash Chopra
Music by Original Composition: Madan Mohan Music Re-Created By: Sanjeev Kohli
Cinematography Anil Mehta
Edited by Ritesh Soni
Production company
Yash Raj Films
Distributed by Yash Raj Films
Release date
  • 12 November 2004
Running time
196 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget ₹230 million
Box office ₹₹₹976.4 million


Tonight I am not writing any reviews on a movie.
Tonight I’m writing about my memories, writing about those moments that I have been carrying out with me for the last 15 years. Tonight I am telling a story of an Indian Prisoner and a wretched Pakistani girl. Tonight I’m telling you a hiatus love story of 22 years.

“Main Qaidi No.786 Jail Ki Salakhon Se Baahar Dekhta Hoon
Din, Mahinein, Saalon Ko Yug Mein Badaalte Dekhta Hoon…
Is Mitti Se Mere Baauji Ke Khaithon Ki Khusboo Aati Hai,
Yeh Dhup Mere Mathay Ki Thandi Chaas Yaad Dilaati Hai…
Yeh Baarish Mere Saavan Ki Jhoolon Ko Sang Sang Laati Hai…!
Yeh Saardi Mere Lodi Ki Dil Ki Aag Sikh ke Jaati Hai,
Woh Kehte Hai Yeh Tera Des Nahi,
Phir Kyun Mere Des Jaisa Lagta Hai…!?

Woh Kehte Hai Main Uss Jaisa Nahi,
Phir Kiyn Mujh Jaisa Woh Lagta Hai…??
Main Qaidi No.786 Jail Ki Salakhon Se Baahir Dekhta Hoon…”.

This line was recited by Qaidi 786. I cried when I saw the old man reciting it in the courtroom. I’m crying now, my tears are messing with my phone’s touch screen.
I’m here to tell you about the miserable longest 22years of Veer Pratap Singh and Zaara Hayat Khan.
Veer-Zaara was not just an ordinary movie, it was an untold story of two lovers from two countries that were buried inside a jail, it was a message to us indeed, and the message was very simple that if you love is true and strong then there is no God who can stop you.
I know Shah Rukh Khan was just reading out from a script but why I felt like he was reading my heart out loud. Last one hour of the movie I felt like we know each other, I knew this story and we have an old relationship with each other.

Love has no color, no race or religion. Love is like a god, any form it can take. Love doesn’t have any nationality. You can be a Bangladeshi, Indian, Pakistani or Nepali but your soul is free. It’s can fall in love with anyone, anywhere for no reason.

life is not about how many years you lived, life is about those few moments that stuck in your head as a canvas on a wall. Life is all about-

“Do Pal Ruka Khwabon Ka Karvan
Aur Phir Chaal Diyeh Tum Kahan Hum Kahaan
Do Pal Ki Thi Yeh Dilon Ki Daastaan
Aur Phir Chal Diyeh Tum Kahaan Hum Kahaan ..”


Wearing a Chocolate color leather Veer stands near Zaara, his eyesight is full with the reflection of light from the chandelier. He is singing-


“Jaanam Dekholo Mitt Gayi Dooriyaan…
Main Yahaan Hoon Yahaan, Hoon Yaahan…”
Looking at Zaara’s eyes he is saying, “I’m here, here… here..!”.


A girl who’s getting married to someone else by the force of her family is so heartbroken, she feels that her loved one is right next to her whispering into her ears. Only the ones who went through this, suffered from the same situation can understand the pain. The depth of the song has no limit. I felt like Udit Narayn knew what he was singing and what was the real meaning hidden inside the words. The song is like a sharp knife that slices your heart into pieces every time you listen to it.


“Tum chhupa na sakogi main woh raaz hoon,
Tum bhoola na sakogi woh andaaz hoon…
Goonjta hoon jo dil mein toh hairaan ho kyun-
Main tumhaare hi dil ki toh awaaz hoon…!
Sun sako, toh suno, dhadkanon ki zabaan,
Main yahaan hoon.. yahaan hoon.. yahaan…!”


Javed Akhtar, what kind of magic this guy has in his fingertips… I don’t know. He didn’t just write songs for a Bollywood movie in the case of Veer-Zaara. What he wrote was poetry. Each and every song of the movie were poems that steal your soul for quite a long time, while you listen to them.

Rani Mukherjee was the dark horse in this movie. Her role as Advocate Samiya Siddiqui was the key to bring Veer and Zaara together. Samiya showed us, no matter how hard it is, we should never leave any stone unturned to make a true love successful. It doesn’t matter you’re a part of their story or not. You must help them with your best. There is nothing more beautiful to bringing people back together and nothing more satisfying to set someone free. Rani was a true gem. Absolute perfection.

Veer Pratap Singh passed 22 long years behind the bars just remembering that one Pakistani girl Zaara on a helicopter rescue belt who was struggling with her hair messing with her eye.

How bad does a ‘Good-bye’ hurt? How tough is it to separate ways from the one you love more than your life? Those who lost their love by the passage of time will know the pain. The scene where Veer bade Zaara goodbye saying, “Kabhi bhi, kahin bhi ek dost ki zarurat padhe toh yaad rakhiega… Ki sarhad paar ek aisa shaks hai jo aapke liye aapni jaan bhi de dega!

The intensity of acting couldn’t be any better. None could express the feeling better than Shah Rukh.
I know what you guys think nowadays, that love only exists in books and novels but trust me in our generation, love was right there, love was just a breath away from us.
My dear friends, love is not blind, it can never be blind. It just doesn’t see anything else except each other.
Zaara Hayatt khan stayed 22years with one payel on her legs on the other side Veer was left alone with another payel on his hand. Our generation calls it love, a story of Qaidi No 786.

Today you might see Veer Pratap Singh as a flop actor who dances on other’s weddings but us, the Old souls always remember him as Veer, Raj, Baazigar, Dev or Kabir with whom we laughed, we cried and we grew old.
He was the one who made us believe, “Sacchi mohabbat zindegi mein sirf ek hi baar hoti hai… Aur jab hoti hai, toh koi bhagwan yah khuda usse nakamyab nahi hone deta…