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Tere Naam Movie Details

Directed by Satish Kaushik
Produced by Sunil Manchanda Mukesh Talreja
Written by Bala
Starring Salman Khan Bhumika Chawla Sachin Khedekar Ravi Kishan Sarfaraz Khan
Music by Himesh Reshammiya Sajid-Wajid
Cinematography Tapan Malviya
Edited by Sanjay Verma
Distributed by MD Productions
Release date
  • 15 August 2003
Running time
138 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget ₹10 crore
Box office ₹24.54 crore


Looking at the image, you can already tell the name of the movie. This scene is so iconic, so much heartbreaking that it doesn’t need any introduction or any description.

Movies make you laugh, they make you cry. But very few movies are influential. ‘Tere Naam’ is one of them. The character ‘Radhe’ became so famous that people took it as a mission or goal to become like Radhe.

The thing you call cosplay nowadays, people tried it back in 2003. Looking like Radhe, walking Radhe, talking like Radhe, smoking like Radhe, riding a bike like Radhe became the fashion overnight. People started wearing short leather jackets with ripped jeans watching Salman on screen.

The barbers became busy like never before. People waited hours after hours to get serial at barbershops to get a haircut like ‘Radhe Bhaia‘. Every single one can relate to this thing. You must’ve seen someone close to you getting this haircut back then.

You guys are talking about ‘Kabir Singh‘ today. Remember, Kabir Singh is temporary, Radhe Bhaaia is permanent. Radhe was an angry young man but had an open heart. ‘Tere Naam’ showed us what love can transform a person into. Radhe loved Nirjaara too much that he didn’t care about anything else in this world.

The last 20 minutes of ‘Tere Naam‘ is unbearably tragic. It’s so well directed and acted that you keep watching like you’re hypnotized. Teardrops fall down continuously, and you still keep watching it. To tolerate this kind of tragedy, you need to have a heart made of steel.

The guy who ran away from the mental asylum after all the struggles finds Nirjaara; the love of his life is dead. Radhe sitting and crying next to Nirjaara’s body. Tell me, could you stop yourself from crying along with Radhe? Could you ever stop yourself??

The other scene where Nirjaara was reciting a poem she wrote on the college function. Everyone left out of boredom. Radhe sat still. He clapping after the poem was finished with his eyes full of tears. Man, what was that!

One thing I have to talk about separately. The music album of the movie. It’s just gold. This kind of album comes once in a decade. Can you believe Himesh Reshammiya was one of the music directors of ‘Tere Naam‘!? Before he became a singer himself he used to produce this kind of gold. The title track, ‘Odni‘, ‘O Jaana‘, ‘Lagan Lagi‘, ‘Tumse Milna, ‘Kyun Kissi Ko‘… you name it! Each and every song was a hit. Udit Narayan made everyone cry with ‘Kyun Kissi Ko‘. And he still does. I don’t know why even when I listen to ‘Tum Se Milna‘ I feel something sad is inside that song as well.

Salman had to show the world what he was capable of. People who used to say Salman can’t act, ‘Tere Naam‘ was the answer to them. Even the people who hate Salman, ‘Tere Naam’ is in their favorite list as well. The scene where he was lying down on the floor of the temple spreading his hand and saying, “Bahut dard ho raha hai Bhagban!” What can beat that kind of acting!?

The guy who did everything for his love, couldn’t have his loved one by his side just for a day. How do you bear such thing!? “Tere ishq ne saathiya.. Tera haal kya kaar diya” the words came true. ‘Radhe‘ is not just a name or a character. It’s an emotion attached to millions of hearts.

Tere Naam‘ was released 16 years ago. 16 years is a long time. A lot can happen in 16 years. Memories fade, things change every other day. But Radhe walking back towards to prison van of the mental hospital while Aslam trying to stop him, the crazy woman pulling his dress and begging him not to go didn’t change a bit. That scene still kills me inside.

Bollywood changed. In the wrong way, I’d say. People only talk about the earning of the movies of the superstars, no one cares about the content inside. People who watched ‘Tere Naam’ once, didn’t go back to the theatre again cause they couldn’t bear the shock. Even many die-hard Salman fans didn’t watch it twice. ‘Tere Naam’ became a semi-hit then. Not even a ‘Hit’.

Does it matter?? No, it doesn’t. ‘Tere Naam‘ is an all-time blockbuster inside our hearts.

artwork: Anik Dhar
words were written by Arif Moynuddin


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