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Saathiya Movie Details

Directed by Shaad Ali
Produced by Bobby Bedi Yash Chopra Mani Ratnam Aditya Chopra
Screenplay by Mani Ratnam
Story by Mani Ratnam
Starring Rani Mukerji Vivek Oberoi
Music by A. R. Rahman
Cinematography Anil Mehta
Edited by A. Sreekar Prasad
Production company
Madras Talkies Yash Raj Films
Distributed by Kaleidoscope Entertainment Madras Talkies Yash Raj Films
Release date
  • 20 December 2002
Running time
139 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget ₹75 million (equivalent to ₹210 million or US$3.1 million in 2018)
Box office ₹291 million (equivalent to ₹830 million or US$12 million in 2018)


Have you ever seen a brochure of a love life? Then you must watch ‘Saathiya‘. As of today, Bollywood movies became so colorful and advanced that a teenager of 2019 might not gonna find ‘Saathiya’ as fascinating as we found 17 years ago.

The teenage girl of 2002 is almost in their mid 30’s now. The girl who took her first daring move to leave her family and beautiful home for her lover probably sharing the same comforter on the same bed today. The guy who was undecided and confused about whether to marry her or not might still miss her and regret not having enough courage to hold her hands and keep her forever.

Today’s new generation probably thinking what kind of parents abandon their children for getting married without their consent? My dear friends, this world wasn’t too smooth for lovers back in those days. The love which brought lives in this world was hated once upon a time. Millions of teenagers just kept their love untold and buried inside the chambers of their hearts being scared of getting humiliated by society and family members.

Don’t be so surprised, when Dad comes to ask you, “are you okay with the guy we’ve chosen for you?” You know 95% Of girls said yes to that sharp knife and sacrificed their love of life. Then in the winter of 2002 a movie named ‘Saathiya’ was released and changed everything.
That shy girl who went to college to be a doctor taking sworn of not falling for anyone even started thinking- ‘what if an “Aditya” comes in my life and blows everything away!
What would happen if I leave behind everything I ever knew so far?’
Court marriage became popular instantly.
Vivek Oberoi and Rani Mukerji’s chemistry overflown and flooded all cold feet couples. Then the mighty Sonu Nigam sang-

“Saathiya hm hm, saathiya hm hm
Maddham maddham teri geeli hansi
Saathiya hm hm, saathiya hm hm
Sunke humne saari pee li hansi.
Hasti rahe tu hasti rahe
Haya ki laali khilti rahe
Zulf ke neeche gardan pe
Subah-o-shaam milti rahe….”

A sensational anthem for lovers.

With ‘Saathiya’ Vivek Oberoi entered the film world as a leading actor. It was his second film after his debut. He became a heartthrob overnight. Girls went crazy for that ‘chocolate boy’ look of Vivek.. He signed a lot of films following the success of ‘Saathiya’. The soulful music by None other than the Legend A.R Rahman was both loved by the mass and the class. The title track, ‘Aye Udi Udi’, ‘Chup Ke Se’ were solid hits. The tune of the title track ‘Saathiya’ became the ringtone of all our Nokia phones back then. Can’t you relate this to yourself? Surely you can. We all lived in the same era.

Aditya’s proposal scene to Suhani on the Mumbai local is one of the finest moments shot in Bollywood’s history. The dialogues, acting, making and the romantic intensity of that proposal scene is unbeatable. Those who haven’t watched the movie yet, go and check it out on Youtube. That one scene will compel you to watch this. I’m telling you!

‘Saathiya’, tried to picture ups and downs of a love life after marriage. We think love runs away through the window after marriage; it is wrong. After marriage love becomes mature. Before marriage love is kind of aware. After marriage love spreads in every corner of your home. Love gets inside the toothbrush holder, love clings to your mirror as a ‘Bindi’. Lovelies inside your bin as “used tissues with lipstick on it”. Love follows the law of energy, you cannot destroy love, you can only change it from one form to another. The amount of love you felt when you saw her, at first sight, will remain the same until death.

It’s true that sometimes we take it for granted and take things slow, but my friends, in love and war you cannot take things slow and relax. You need to be on point 24/7.

artwork: Anik Dhar
words were written by MD Fokruddin Risve


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