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Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi Movie Details

Directed by Aditya Chopra
Produced by Aditya Chopra Yash Chopra
Written by Aditya Chopra
Starring Shah Rukh Khan Anushka Sharma Vinay Pathak
Music by Salim-Sulaiman
Cinematography Ravi K. Chandran
Edited by Ritesh Soni
Production company
Yash Raj Films
Release date
12 December 2008
Running time
164 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget est. ₹ 22 Crore (est. ₹ 48.4 crore as of 2019)
Box office est. ₹ 185 crore (est. ₹ 407 crore as of 2019)


This scene sums up the whole movie. This one particular scene. A common man bringing the food his wife cooked for him in a yellow tiffin box. He keeps staring at the box all day long. Holds it with great love. Love has many forms, it could be one of the purest ones.

Surinder Sahni couldn’t believe his luck that a girl like Taani would ever come to his life. Suri was a normal man, unnoticeable, non-stylish, a shy man who couldn’t speak much about love. Taani, a girl who was full of life, full of energy; suddenly became the wife of Surinder overnight. Taani couldn’t accept it and Suri couldn’t believe it.

As Suri said, “Yeh pyaar kya hota hain Taani ji…!? Main nehi jaanta… Kabhi itni good luck hui hi nahi ki kissi Ladies se pyaar ho.. .Actually main toh kissi ladies ko janta hi nehi. Par jiss tarah aapne aaj meri izzat rakh li… Mere liye toh woh hi pyaar hain… Iss se zyada pyaar ki na toh mujhe aadat hain na zaroorat…!”

The most beautiful thing about this love story was Surinder’s respect towards Taani. He did everything to win Taani’s heart. Cause he believed, all you could do is love selflessly. The other person will understand eventually. Love happens eventually.

“Haule haule ghonghat uthta hai,
Haule haule se nasha chadhta hai haan..
Tu sabra to kar mere yaar,
Zara saans to le dildar…
Chal fikar nu goli maar,
Yaar hain din jindadi de chaar…!
Haule haule ho jaayega pyaar chal yaar,
Haule haule ho jaayega pyaar…!”

Suri wanted to change himself into the person Taani would fall for. Suri thought turning into Raj would help him winning Taani’s heart faster. Raj was everything that Suri wasn’t. Raj brought the smile, laughter, and fun back to Taani’s life. Raj became the friend Taani needed in life after the accident she had been through.

‘Rab Ne Bani Di Jodi’ taught us one simple thing. Doesn’t matter whoever you’re; If you’re Surinder Sahni from Punjab Power, wearing unfolded full-sleeved check shirt or Raj the cool dude, wearing weirdly colorful T-shirts.. Doesn’t matter she’s Taani ji or Taani Partner, you always need to win her heart first, you need to make her smile, make her life worth living!

Raj’s entry where Raj pulls down his tight jeans was hilariously funny. On the other hand, Surinder’s simplicity makes you fall in love with him.

Love has something magical in it. When the person you love with all your heart and soul is around, you feel peace. It seems like this person is sent by God himself to turn your life beautiful like ‘Jannah’.

When you listen to Roopkumar Singh Rathod’s voice-

“Tu hi to jannat meri,
Tu hi mera junoon..
Tu hi to mannat meri,
Tu hi rooh ka sukoon..
Tu hi ankhiyon ki thandak,
Tu hi dil ki hai dastak…
Aur kuchh na jaanoon,
Main bas itna hi jaanoon..
Tujhe mein rab dikhta hai,
Yaara main kya karoon…!?”

There is no other romantic song in this world which has deep and soulful meaning like this song. It was a lovely poem, written by Jaideep Sahani, for the big screen. Whenever I listen to the slow version of this song by Shreya Ghoshal, it stops my heartbeat every time. How can a song be this much meaningful and touchy!?

Taani asked God to show her the person in whom she’ll find Almighty’s signs. When she comes out of Gurudwara, she sees Surinder, her husband walking towards her. The person who devoted his life to get his wife’s love. The person who did everything possible just to make his wife happy. Hoping she’d sit down next to him and talk with her joyful voice at least for a minute!

True love will find you at the right time. When a common man loves you, he loves you with everything. He puts everything at stake. Cause a common man has nothing to lose except his heart.
The heart is the most precious thing a common man has. If he ever makes you the queen of his heart, you’ll rule that kingdom forever and ever.

People like Surinder has a pure heart. Find it. Keep it safe. God sends these people to us. But we don’t understand, we don’t notice, we don’t recognize them.

So.. Never say, ‘Good Bye!’

Always say- “Hum Hai Rahi Pyar ke,

Phir Milenge Chaalte Chaalte…!”

artwork: Anik Dhar Cartoons
words written by: Arif Moynuddin


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