Jagga Jasoos ( Bollywood/Hindi Movie)

Could this be the perfect Bollywood Disney movie? When I say perfect, I don’t mean it’s a perfect movie, but for what Disney has stood for in terms of it’s Hollywood movies and theme parks, all the charm and magic it exudes on and off-screen, this is as close as Bollywood has got so far. And who better to helm it than the magician of a Director, Anurag Basu! If his “Barfi” was a gem, then this is an innovative experimental gem that came out in 2017!

Sherlock Holmes, Tintin, Hugo, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones….. All these genres of movies and stories come to mind, ( for those who are avid viewers of Hollywood movies and enjoy reading as well) when we watch this movie. Especially reminiscent of French classics like Amelie and others too. And I do not say this in a negative light. By no means is this a ripoff. It is surely inspired by many of these movie genres, added with the fantastical world born in the director’s brain. And what a wonderful world it is!

The fact that this is an out and out musical, with almost 30 songs, might put off some people, especially those who only like hard-hitting drama and action movies. But for those who welcome anything new and innovative, this will entertain them immensely. It seems straight out of a comic book and that is a compliment to Anurag Basu.

Ranbir as Jagga, a teenage detective ( like Tintin, Hardy Boys, Five Findouters etc ) proves that he is one of the best in Bollywood, with his acting skills, as an unconventional hero with a stammer. Katrina as Sruthi, goofy investigative journalist, provides ample humor and supports Ranbir perfectly. Saswata Chatterjee as Tuti-futi Bagchi was brilliant in his portrayal of Jagga’s father. Such an expressive actor. Ravi Varman’s cinematography made this movie what it is. He has successfully brought out a story book-like feel with all the unique and beautiful frames and color, thus painting Anurag Basu’s vision beautifully in such locations as Darjeeling, Morocco etc. As it’s a musical, what Pritam has done is astounding. His songs and background music are very melodious with the BG music having an international feel, which makes it all the more a Disney movie. The songs Galti se mistake & Ullu ka patta are awesome. Both in music and cinematography.

The movie has a few important messages as well, one of which was poking fun at our own attitudes, where we think that as long as nothing happens to us personally, it doesn’t matter what happens around us. This sarcastic message in the form of a song was brilliant. So was an unexpected song that breaks out during a party scene. Truly a brilliant idea! A 5-second scene of revealing the villain might shock the audience!

Two negatives I felt were, the duration, which could have been shortened quite a bit and the VFX, which in a few scenes were quite mediocre. I do not know if they were in a hurry to finish this or if they didn’t have the budget for it. I did read that it was made on a budget of 110 crores.

This experimental, fantasy musical adventure from Bollywood is very entertaining to the core. Family, kids and those who like to finally watch a different Hindi movie, will love it. A fun movie for everyone. Oh…..and a surprising hint for a sequel…….maybe !! I enjoyed every bit of it. So…hop on and be a part of this adventure!